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Heritage Park was a redevelopment project with 440 rental units, 360 owner-occupied units, and 100 public-housing rentals for seniors at a cost estimated at $200 million.

We performed work for the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA), its prime developer, and its architect. Our scope included survey, environmental and site work. Survey work included topography, boundary surveying and final plat work. Environmental work included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). Site work included internal utilities, grading and drainage.

In order to complete the work on this project, we coordinated with the developer, architect, City of Minneapolis, and State Agencies in addition to MPHA. Participation in the preliminary layout work was also needed because the utilities, drainage, and geotechnical aspects of the project greatly affected certain areas of the site. We worked closely with the geotechnical consultants on the team because we developed the plans for the mass grading and soils improvement phase of the work. Soil improvements consisted of excavating and recompacting in place soils, excavating unsuitable soils and replacing them with compacted suitable soils, surcharging with wick drains and surcharging without wick drains. We also applied the rain garden concept to the internal drainage of the developed blocks.