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In the fall of 2011 EVS conducted a cultural resources survey in support of the development of “Prairie Rose,” a wind energy facility in Rock County, MN and Minnehaha County, SD by Geronimo Wind Energy. The investigation was undertaken to meet the permit requirements of the Minnesota Department of Commerce Public Utilities Commission and the Energy Facility Permitting Staff.  Although the project did not fall under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, archaeological investigations were requested as part of the energy permitting process.  Geronimo retained EVS, Inc. (EVS) to complete the Phase I Archaeological Survey of the project area. The Prairie Rose project will consist of 119 wind turbines (with 35 Alternates), 20 miles of collector lines, 5 acres of substation area, and 5 acres of lay-down and operations and maintenance  areas. In addition, a 7 mile segment of transmission line extends past the Minnesota border into South Dakota in order to connect the project to an existing substation. Two Archaeologists supported by six field staff, over the course of two weeks, surveyed all areas of the project that had potential to impact areas of high cultural significance. During this survey, geospatial (GIS) data was used to guide staff using hand-held global positioning system (GPS) units, and these units were also used to collect georeferenced data points for any culturally significant artifacts found. As a result of this investigation, a report complete with map documentation was provided to the client providing recommendations as to how best design the project to minimize impacts to cultural resources located on or adjacent to the project.