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Stoneray Wind

Energy Project

EVS was retained to obtain the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s Large Wind Energy Conversion System (LWECS) Site Permit and perform environmental studies for enXco’s proposed 100 MW wind farm development.   In addition to preparing the LWECS Site Permit several studies were included as part of the scope of services:  Avian, Bat, and Sensitive Species Risk Assessment (ABSSRA), Avian and Bat Protection Plan, Sensitive Habitat Assessment, Wetlands Assessment, NEPA Screening & Report, Cultural Resources Studies, Sound and Shadow Flicker Studies, and a Phase I ESA.  EVS was responsible for agency coordination and held several meetings with these regulatory agencies throughout the process.  The data and information collected has been provided to enXco in GIS format and will be used to create a constraints map in order to efficiently site the wind turbines while minimizing environmental impacts.  Additionally, EVS is responsible for obtaining the LWECS site permit and is involved in all aspects including drafting the permit, preparing relevant maps/figures, and participating public hearings and public meetings.  Expected Completion: Winter 2012.