Ep 34: Tariffs: Putting the Brakes on Solar Growth? Thoughts From EVS Engineers

By EVS / June 10, 2024

In this must-listen season finale, the Sounds of Solar team tackles the industry's most pressing issue: tariffs on solar modules and batteries. We share worst-case scenarios and real-world examples of how these tariffs are driving up costs and delaying projects.

Join us as we explore:

  • How tariffs strain budgets and push back timelines
  • The engineering challenges of module changes and redesigns
  • The ripple effects on the entire solar supply chain

Plus, we discuss potential strategies for navigating this new normal and the importance of domestic manufacturing.

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Connect with our hosts on LinkedIn:

Prahalad: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prahaladshivshankaran

Chris: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christoph-bruhn-pe-bb3a7546

Russell: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russell-hamilton-8225b5179

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Ep 33: Passion, Purpose, and Progress in Renewable Energy - A Conversation with Michael Klein

By EVS / May 30, 2024

Navigating the complexities of green hydrogen and power-to-X technology is crucial for driving progress in the renewable energy sector. In this episode, Michael Klein, Head of Project Development at EE North America, shares his expertise on the regulatory framework, cost-effectiveness, and safety aspects of hydrogen projects. Solar engineers and decision-makers cannot miss this insightful conversation on the transformative potential of green hydrogen in decarbonizing various industries.

Must Hear Moments:

  1. Michael's thoughts on the misconceptions surrounding green hydrogen production (29:25)
  2. The importance of skill stacking and a well-rounded skill set in the renewable energy industry (09:10)
  3. The role of collaboration and trust in developing safe and efficient hydrogen projects (19:17)

Notable Quotes:

  1. "Our industry has proven time and time again, we can get to a cost-effective point where we can compete with other traditional forms of energy."

  2. "If we're not all having this conversation, like we're having right now, we're never going to get there as an industry."

  3. "As an industry, if we're, if we want to play with the big boys, we need to have big boy safety programs and safety systems in place to keep people safe long term and get them home to their family."


Contact Information:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeldkleinpe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/michaeldklein23?lang=en

Website: https://eenorthamerica.com/


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SPECIAL EPISODE: EVS Live at CleanPower 2024

By EVS / May 8, 2024

The Sounds of Solar podcast is live from the floor brining you the highlights of CleanPower 2024, a major renewable energy conference in Minneapolis. 

Hosts Chris, Russell, and Prahalad interview top industry professionals, including Adam Pratt from McCarthy Building Companies, Michael Klein and Alex Ng from EE North America, Sohan Das from EVS, and Michael Benitez from Moss and Associates.

Gain insights into the latest trends and technologies, such as battery energy storage systems (BESS), the future of renewables, and advice for aspiring engineers. If you couldn't attend the conference, let EVS take you inside with this special episode featuring key moments and valuable insights from the event.  

Ep 31: How EVS Helped Power the Big Game

By EVS / April 12, 2024

In this episode we highlight an extraordinary achievement in the renewable energy sector, showcasing EVS, Inc.'s pivotal contribution to powering the Super Bowl entirely with renewable energy for the first time. Focus is placed on the innovative solar energy projects, particularly the Arrow Canyon project, which played a crucial role in this landmark achievement.

3 Must-Hear Moments:

  1. The Engineering Behind the Super Bowl’s Green Energy: Discover how DC-coupled energy storage systems enabled one of the biggest sports events to run entirely on solar energy
  2. EVS's Impact on Renewable Energy Milestones: Listen to Russell Hamilton and Prahalad Shivshankaran discuss the challenges and triumphs in deploying large-scale solar projects like Arrow Canyon.
  3. The Future of Renewable Energy at Major Events: Explore what the success of the Arrow Canyon project signifies for the role of renewable energy in powering major events in the future.

Ep 30: The Critical Role of Civil Engineering in Solar Success with Eliza Wilson

By EVS / April 1, 2024

This week we sit down with Eliza Wilson, a seasoned civil project manager at EVS, to explore the pivotal role civil engineering plays in the success of utility-scale solar projects. 


Eliza dives deep into the delicate balance of site grading, stormwater management, and regulatory compliance that civil engineers must strike to create a solid foundation for solar projects. 


She emphasizes the importance of adaptability, diverse skill sets, and strong cross-department collaboration in overcoming obstacles and delivering top-quality results.


Eliza shares real-world examples of how civil engineering becomes a critical factor when faced with unexpected challenges on solar sites and how her team at EVS has successfully navigated unfamiliar regulatory landscapes to find innovative solutions. She also highlights the value of fostering diversity and encouraging creative problem-solving within solar engineering teams.

Key Takeaways:

1. [00:03:47] The pivotal importance of civil engineering in addressing unexpected challenges on solar sites

2. [00:21:12] Strategies for navigating unfamiliar regulatory landscapes and finding innovative solutions

3. [00:26:52] The benefits of fostering diversity and creative problem-solving within solar engineering teams

Connect with the Experts:

- Eliza Wilson, Civil Project Manager at EVS: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliza-wilson-b41951148

- EVS Website: https://evs-eng.com/

- EVS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evsengineering/

- EVS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evs_engineering/

- Prahalad Shivshankaran, Host: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prahaladshivshankaran

- Russell Hamilton, Host: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russell-hamilton-8225b5179

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Ep 29: Powering Minnesota: The Solar Energy Revolution with Logan O'Grady

By EVS / March 18, 2024

In this episode of Sounds of Solar, we welcome Logan O'Grady, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association (MnSEIA). Logan brings his extensive knowledge and experience to discuss the current state of the solar industry in Minnesota, the challenges and opportunities ahead, and the importance of diverse clean energy solutions to meet the state's ambitious 2040 carbon-free goal.

Throughout the episode, Logan shares valuable insights on:

  1. The role of MnSEIA in advocating for solar energy policy and creating a predictable, stable, and reliable industry for its member companies. [06:50]

  2. The necessity of a diverse portfolio of solar energy solutions, including rooftop solar, community solar, and utility-scale solar, to efficiently meet Minnesota's 2040 carbon-free goal. [12:00]

  3. The upcoming developments in energy storage technologies and the need for policies to support the integration of battery storage into the grid and behind-the-meter applications. [18:00]

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To learn more about Logan and his work at MnSEIA, visit https://www.mnseia.org/loganogrady. You can also connect with Logan on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/logan-o-grady.

Ep: 28 Not on My Watch: Dennis Kim's Commitment to the Future

By EVS / March 1, 2024

Today, Chairman of the Board Dennis Kim shares his "why" -- his passionate drive to forge a sustainable world for future generations. Facing the daunting challenge of climate change, Dennis refuses to let today's children down. He's leading the charge at EVS to implement green energy solutions, ensuring that our legacy is one of hope, not regret. This episode is a rallying cry for all who believe in taking bold action now to secure a livable planet for our children and beyond.

3 Must-Hear Moments:

  1. Dennis Kim's inspiring story from his early days in the industry to leading EVS towards greener horizons.
  2. His insightful take on the future of solar energy and battery storage technologies.
  3. A heartwarming recount of his cross-country bike ride in South Korea, symbolizing hope and unity for renewable energy efforts worldwide.

This conversation not only highlights the technical advancements in the renewable energy sector but also the human spirit driving it.

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Ep 27: The Art of Hydrology in Solar Design with Byron Hinchey

By EVS / February 16, 2024

Today we're exploring the intricate dance between water and solar power. EVS's Hydrology expert, Byron Hinchey takes a deep dive into hydrology and shares expert insights that will change the way you think about renewable energy.

Must-Hear Moments:

  1. Byron Hinchey's breakdown of hydrology's crucial role in setting design constraints and determining project costs.

  2. The surprising revelation that hydrology, often seen as a precise science, involves a significant amount of artistic interpretation.

  3. A deep dive into the concept of scour and its implications for solar farm infrastructure, especially in unforeseen weather events.

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Ep 26: Next-Gen Battery Solutions: Solar's New Horizon

By EVS / February 2, 2024

Are you ready to explore the cutting edge of solar energy solutions? This week, Chris Bruhn, Russell Hamilton, and Prahalad Shivshankaran put battery expert Michael McKinney in the hot seat to dive deep into the evolving world of battery storage, addressing the challenges and opportunities that come with integrating these technologies into our solar future. 

Must-hear moments include:

1. Expert breakdown of the latest advancements in battery technology and how they're revolutionizing the solar industry.

2. A deep dive into overcoming regulatory and compliance challenges to streamline battery storage integration.

3. And practical advice from leading engineers on navigating the logistical complexities of deploying next-gen storage solutions.

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Ep 25: Solar Energy Mythbusters: Separating Fact From Fiction

By EVS / January 19, 2024

Have you ever wondered how solar panels perform on cloudy days or what happens to solar energy in the winter? We tackle these questions head-on and set the record straight. This episode is a journey through the most common myths and misconceptions about solar energy, providing clarity and truth in an industry often shrouded in mystery.

Thank you for pointing that out. Here's the revised list of must-hear moments with distinct themes:

Five Must-Hear Moments:

  1. Debunking the Winter Solar Myth: Uncovering how solar panels perform in colder climates.

  2. Solar Efficiency on Overcast Days: Exploring how solar panels function under cloudy conditions.

  3. Environmental Impact Realities: Discussing the true ecological footprint of solar energy.

  4. Solar System Lifespan: Examining the durability and longevity of solar installations.

  5. Innovations in Solar Technology: Breaking down the latest advancements that challenge old myths about solar capabilities.

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Join us in exploring the bright and factual world of solar energy, where we bring light to common myths and illuminate the truths of this ever-evolving industry.


Ep 24: The Shifting Energy Landscape: Solar's Increasing Dominance

By EVS / January 6, 2024

This week we dive into the rapidly evolving world of solar energy. Hosts Prahalad Shivshankaran, Russell Hamilton, and Chris Bruhn bring their expertise to the table, discussing Florida's surprising solar project deployments, the astonishing speed of solar construction, and the increasing role of battery energy storage systems. 

It's an episode packed with intriguing discussions and industry insights.

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Ep 23: Simplifying Solar: EVS's Comprehensive Approach

By EVS / December 15, 2023

Join Chris Bruhn, Prahalad Shivshankaran, and Russell Hamilton as they dive into EVS's role as a comprehensive solution for solar project development. They discuss the integration of multiple engineering disciplines and the impact on efficiency and coordination for utility-scale and distributed generation solar projects.

You'll learn:

  • The synergy of different teams at EVS and its impact on streamlining solar projects.

  • An overview of the solar project lifecycle, emphasizing the importance of each stage from initial assessment to construction.

  • Discussion on real-world challenges in solar project execution.

  • Insight into EVS's project management approach and its benefits for the solar industry.

This episode is crucial for decision-makers to understand EVS's comprehensive approach to solar project development.

For more information, head here: www.EVS-ENG.com


Ep 22: The Biggest Challenges and Opportunities for Solar in 2024 (Season Three Premiere!)

By EVS / December 1, 2023

Welcome to the third season of the 'Sounds of Solar' podcast! In this season opener, we're diving into the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of solar energy and renewable resources. Recorded at the headquarters of EVS, Inc. in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, this episode features our new hosts, Christoph Bruhn, Prahalad Shivshankaran, and Russell Hamilton. They bring fresh perspectives and deep insights into the latest advancements and challenges in the solar industry.

This episode offers a rich discussion on solar energy's current state and future. The hosts, each with their unique background in engineering and renewable energy, explore various topics, including the complexities of modern solar projects, advancements in technology like perovskite solar cells, and the challenges of grid interconnection. They also touch upon the impact of changing building codes and financial aspects affecting the solar industry. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of engineering, technology, and renewable energy.

5 Can't-Miss Moments:

  1. Prahalad discusses the challenges of non-standard project sites and evolving technology in solar design.

  2. Russell highlights solar projects' increasing complexity and scale and the challenges in meeting tight schedules.

  3. Chris Bruhn explains the significant impact of the International Building Code changes on solar project designs.

  4. Prahalad emphasizes the importance of understanding project viability in the face of changing site conditions and technological shifts.

  5. Russell shares his passion for sprint car racing, offering a glimpse into the hosts' lives outside their professional sphere.

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Links and References:


This episode of 'Sounds of Solar' is brought to you by EVS, Inc., a firm dedicated to engineering excellence, client satisfaction, and pushing the boundaries in renewable energy and solar technology. Join us next time as we continue to explore the fascinating world of solar energy.


Ep 21: The Health of the Grid and Modernization with Rao Konidena

By EVS / July 1, 2022
Rao Konidena of Rakon Energy LLC is an independent consultant focused on providing policy and testimony support, business development, and training in wholesale energy markets.
If you are heavily involved in developing, building, and owning renewable energy assets, especially for solar and battery storage, then you will get a lot out of this episode.
Let's dive in!
Reach out and learn more about Rao:
To learn more about EVS in Eden Prairie, MN, head here: https://www.evs-eng.com/

Ep 20: Substations, Reactive Power, and Beer

By EVS / October 29, 2021

On today's episode, we have two guests from our engineering firm EVS, Michael Carlson, our Director of Power Studies and Substation, along with Sayem Ali, our Lead substation engineer. We will dive into substation engineering power system studies and why we have started a substation design group. If you're interested in substations, reactive power and beer (you'll hear what I mean), this is the perfect episode for you. So without further delay, let's dive right in.

Learn more about a future at EVS: https://www.evs-eng.com/

Ep 19: The Foundation of Solar: EVS Civil Engineer Noah Waterhouse

By EVS / August 6, 2021

Today we welcome Noah Waterhouse. Noah is the Director of Civil Engineering at EVS. We'll cover why civil engineering is important to solar and battery storage projects, how much civil engineering for solar projects has changed in the last few years, and the importance of doing tracker grading and hydrology.

Reach out to Noah: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noah-waterhouse-9b65b512/

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Ep 18: Massive Changes Coming in Consumer, Commercial, and Public Transit EV's with Erika Myers

By EVS / June 21, 2021

Global Senior Manager, Electric Vehicles for the World Resources Institute. For two decades, Erika Myers has worked on clean energy efforts in government, along with for-profit and non-profit roles. Today we'll talk about the exciting future of consumer, commercial, and public EV's, and how public utilities are preparing the supply chain. 

Learn more and contact Erika here: https://www.wri.org/profile/erika-myers

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Ep 17: Senior Director of Power Marketing and Wholesale Operations at Lightsource BP, Supria Ranade

By EVS / May 28, 2021

Today we welcome Supria Ranade, Senior Director of Power Marketing and Wholesale Operations at Lightsource BP. If you are involved in developing and building renewable energy assets, especially solar and battery storage, then you are going to get a lot out of our conversation. We cover the recent Texas power outage, PPA's, how to analyze markets for the best return, and more.

Find out more about Supria here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/supria-ranade-991a674

Listen to past episodes and subscribe to our podcast here: https://www.evs-eng.com/sounds-solar

Ep 16: How Drones Are Transforming the Solar Industry

By EVS / April 30, 2021

Today we welcome Scott Alwin who works at EVS as a professional land surveyor. We are going to dive into Scott's specialty, drones, and talk about how drones have completely changed the industry, including how you can fly up to 500 acres a day using LiDAR, and the importance of performing a survey at the right time, the right way.

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Ep 15: Details Into New Cutting-Edge Storage Solutions with Tesla and Vessyll's Adam Iliff

By EVS / February 26, 2021

Adam Iliff is the Chief Executive Officer for Vessyll which is developing cutting-edge storage solutions that are reliable, safe, and beautifully designed. Adam will detail the company's progress and goals, and also dive deep into his work with Elon Musk and Tesla, including a fascinating project they recently completed for Tesla vehicles in Las Vegas!

To learn more about Vessyll, head to www.Vessyll.com

And to keep up with our podcast: https://www.evs-eng.com/sounds-solar/

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Ep 14: Looking Into 2021 with Ben Macias from Shoals Technologies

By EVS / January 22, 2021

Ben Macias is the Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Shoals Technologies. If you're heavily involved in solar projects then you will get a lot of today's episode. Ben tells us how Shoals made the transformation from automotive to solar, the deep research that goes into every product, and his advice for new engineers looking for a career in solar. 

To learn more about Shoals: https://www.shoals.com/

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Ep 13: How Dan Wilson and Chanje Energy Is Helping Fed-Ex Transition to an Ev Fleet

By EVS / October 30, 2020

Dan Wilson is Chanje Energy's Senior Product Manager. Chanje Energy makes medium-duty electric vehicles for companies like Fed Ex. In fact, Fed Ex is deploying 1,000 Chanje Energy vehicles in California over the next year. You will hear details about that amazing project and more as we dive into commercial EV on the Sounds of Solar Podcast. To learn more about Dan, head here: https://chanje.com/

And to keep up with the Sounds of Solar Podcast, head here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sounds-of-solar-podcast/id1464969926

Ep 12: Michael Noble of Fresh Energy On Turning Solar Gardens Into Habitats For Vulernable Species

By EVS / October 16, 2020

Today we chat with the CEO and Executive Director of Fresh Energy, Michael Noble, on some of the incredible legislation that Fresh Energy pushed to open solar energy to Minnesota. Probably the most interesting is their vision for solar gardens as a refuge for species that need a safe and productive home. To get in contact with Michael, head here: https://fresh-energy.org/our-team/michael-noble/

And to keep up with the latest episodes of the Sounds of Solar, head here: https://www.evs-eng.com/sounds-solar

Ep 11: Season 2 Kickoff! Covid's Impact on Solar

By EVS / September 18, 2020

Welcome to another great season of The Sounds of Solar Podcast! Raj and Kyle are back with special guest Andy Kim, President of EVS, Inc, and we have big announcements including a huge first for one of our hosts. Of course, the main topic is Covid-19's impact on solar, for EVS, and the industry. Plus, we get a preview of the upcoming season. It's great to be back! Learn more about The Sounds of Solar here: https://www.evs-eng.com/sounds-solar/

Ep 10: Raphael Rosen, President, Carbon Lighthouse

By EVS / November 14, 2019

In the final episode of Season 1 of The Sounds of Solar Podcast, Raj, Kyle, and Sohan sit down with Raphael Rosen, President of Carbon Lighthouse. Their mission is to find every possible way to make existing buildings more energy-efficient with the ultimate goal of stopping climate change. Raphael details how this is done and the long term partnerships they develop with building owners. 

To learn more about Carbon  Lighthouse: https://www.carbonlighthouse.com/

To learn more about the Sounds of Solar Podcast: http://www.evs-eng.com/

Ep 9: Dennis Kim, President of EVS, Inc

By EVS / October 10, 2019

40 years ago, a young and smart immigrant from South Korea opened an engineering firm that would eventually become a leader in solar implementation, EVS, Inc. Dennis Kim recently announced he was passing the torch to his son, Andy, but that doesn’t mean he’s going away. Learn about his new mission, his early childhood, and how his optimism has created a Minneapolis engineering company that is in high demand.  

Learn more about Dennis and the Sounds of Solar podcast here: http://www.evs-eng.com/

Ep 8: Shawn Rumery, Director of Research for SEIA

By EVS / September 19, 2019

Vice President of EVS, Andy Kim, joins Raj and Kyle to reflect on SPI 2018, and predictions for SPI 2019. The EVS gang will be taking on a challenge before SPI in Salt Lake City, one that Raj's doctor will probably want him to avoid. Also, a conversation with SEIA's Director of Research, Shawn Rumery. 

Learn more about SEIA's Shawn Rumery here: https://www.seia.org/

Learn more about The Sounds of Solar: http://www.evs-eng.com/sounds-solar/

To learn more about SPI: https://www.solarpowerinternational.com

Ep 7: Gregg Mast, Executive Director of Clean Energy Economy MN

By EVS / August 29, 2019

While EVS and other renewable energy firms work hard at implementing solar solutions across the state of Minnesota, Clean Energy Economy MN works hard on the front lines to make sure state leaders continue to move clean energy policies forward. Minnesota has been a leader in renewable solutions, so we thought it was time to get the “state of solar,” not only in the Midwest but across the country, from the Executive Director of Clean Energy Economy MN, Gregg Mast. 


To learn more about Clean Energy Economy MN, head here: https://www.cleanenergyeconomymn.org/


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Ep 6: Will Heegaard, Founder & Director of Footprint Project

By EVS / August 15, 2019

Will Heegaard is a former paramedic who now dedicates his life to using clean technology to power disaster relief around the world. Footprint provides solar-powered generators for emergency communications, medical services, water filtration, and more. Joining Raj and Kyle at the table today is EVS Vice President Steve Hansen.

To learn more about Footprint Project, head here: https://www.footprintproject.org/

Follow the Sounds of Solar Podcast: http://www.evs-eng.com/sounds-solar/

Ep 5: Julia Pyper, Senior Editor at Greentech Media and Political Climate Podcast Host

By EVS / August 1, 2019

Journalist Julia Pyper has covered clean energy issues across the world. From Haiti, Israel, and the Maldives, to Australia and China, Julia has spoken to and reported on the leaders making a difference in the industry of clean energy. Raj and Kyle sit down for an in-depth and blunt conversation with Julia about the politics involved in pushing solar and clean energy solutions into the mainstream.

Learn more about The Sounds of Solar Podcast by visiting our website: http://www.evs-eng.com/sounds-solar/


Ep 4: Jigar Shah, President of Generate Capital

By EVS / July 18, 2019

This week's guest is entrepreneur, author and podcast host Jigar Shah. Jigar is co-founder and president of Generate Capital, former CEO and founder of Sun Edison, former CEO of the Carbon War Room and current co-host of The Energy Gang Podcast. In this podcast Jigar shares his sobering advice on development, where most solar companies fail, what developers do badly and why Google isn't our friend. Enjoy episode 4 of The Sounds of Solar Podcast!

Learn more about Generate Capital here: https://generatecapital.com/

Ep 3: Tony Clifford, CDO of Standard Solar

By EVS / June 28, 2019

Today Kyle and Raj sit down with Tony Clifford, CDO at Standard Solar. Throughout his career, Mr. Clifford has served as chief executive officer or chief financial officer of three high growth technology companies that were acquired by major corporations. Before that, Kyle and Raj chat with VP of EVS, Andy Kim, about his recent solar panel installation on his house. How was the process and what are the results? Find out on this episode!


Ep 2: J.W. Postal, CEO and Founder of Nikola Power

By EVS / June 28, 2019

Today we sit down with J.W. Postal, founder and CEO of Nikola Power out of Colorado. Learn how this history major, after leaving college with no job opportunities, went on to study endangered species in Washington, D.C.,  only to later become a prominent leader for distributed solar, community solar and renewable energy finance.

Ep 1: Eric Pasi, CDO of IPS Solar

By EVS / May 13, 2019

Welcome to a new podcast dedicated to clean energy and the future of solar! This is the Sounds of Solar Podcast from the offices of EVS in Minneapolis and Boulder, CO. In this episode, Raj and Kyle take you through the objectives of the podcast and introduce you to Eric Pasi, who helped grow IPS Solar from just a handful of employees to over 50 in a short-few years. 

Subcribe to the Sounds of Solar Podcast

What is 'The Sounds of Solar'? What will we be talking about?

The Sounds of Solar is a podcast series of questions, answers and discussions about everything engineering and clean energy.

We will be giving our opinion and sharing facts about the solar market, energy storage, how to interview for engineering positions, studying, current events, innovations, conventions, and more.

This podcast will be informational for everyone (college students, potential clients, competitors, partners, engineers, anyone wanting to learn more about the renewable industry).

The Name

'The Sounds of Solar'. Kind of funny title, right? You can't really hear the sun. There are pulses from the sun that is about 93 million miles from us - pulses that can be picked up by a Michelson Doppler Imager mounted on a space craft circling the sun about a million miles from its surface. Lots of distance, lots of technology and yet, an extremely cool fact. As part of the solar energy industry, we see a lot of projects; from commercial roof tops to carports and ground mounts, as well as much larger utility-scale solar projects, from all corners of the globe. It's true that a PV solar project is very quiet - many websites talk about the slight hum of the inverters and the general silence of the array - but here we will talk about the people of solar, the bright and dedicated people from all corners of the planet that are pushing into solar energy design, deal-making, development and construction.

Behind The Mic

Prithviraj (Raj) Pawar

Meet The Sounds of Solar host and co-founder, Prithviraj Pawar!
Raj is the Director of Solar PV + Battery Storage at EVS. He is the one that ‘brings our projects to life’.
In January 2018, Raj had this idea of hosting a podcast about everything in the renewable industry. He believes that clean energy is our future, and he wanted to create a place where everyone can share their experiences about this. “I want to inspire people to adapt to clean energy and highlight the success stories in this amazing industry.” – Raj
Raj was born and raised in Belgaum, India. He found his passion for solar about 15 years ago when he had to buy solar powered water heaters for his home. This was his first introduction to any solar equipment, and he has been curious to learn more about the solar industry ever since.
Raj graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from VTU in India, then moved to the U.S. in 2012. He completed his master’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from George Washington University in Washington D.C., then started his first job at SolarCity in 2015. “This was my first job interview out of college – I was lucky to get my first job in solar.” – Raj
He has designed over 200MW of Solar and 50MWh of solar + storage projects which include residential, commercial (rooftop and ground mount) and Community Solar Garden (CSG) projects. He also managed the largest co-op storage project in MN and worked on the largest solar rooftop projects in the U.S.
Raj is also a man of many languages – he knows 4 programming languages (NERD ALERT!) and 7 languages from different regions of India!
He likes to read, go on hikes with his wife, travel and try new foods. Mainly try new foods, he is quite the foodie! Raj’s favorites are sushi, fried chicken, sour beer, and biryani. “I don’t have a spirit animal, just spirit food.” – Raj

Favorite Foods: Sushi, fried chicken, and biryani
Favorite Books: The Three Body Problem, Harry Potter series
Favorite TV Shows/Movies: The Office, Friends, Air Force One, Terminator series, Lord of The Rings series
Favorite Podcasts: Are we There Yet (The Space Exploration Podcast), Star Talk Radio, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Political Climate, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Interchange, The Energy Gang, Theory of Everything
People Raj Wants to Meet: Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Jigar Shah, India’s PM – Mr. Modi, JK Rolling
Read Less Read More

Kyle Haab

Meet The Sounds of Solar co-host and co-founder, Kyle Haab!
Kyle is an Electrical Project Manager and Quality Manager here at EVS. Kyle and Raj have worked together for the past 3 years. When Raj mentioned to Kyle that they should host a podcast about everything clean energy and engineering, Kyle was totally on board. “I was thrilled that it would be an open discussion format, and I am excited to have the opportunity to interview some of the leading people of our industry.” – Kyle
Kyle grew up on a farm in a small town called Canadensis, Pennsylvania. Small as in population of 2,100 people, wow!
Kyle has always had a passion for learning about the way things work. His father has his Agricultural Engineering degree from Penn State and his grandfather was a chemistry professor at the University of Scranton, so naturally Kyle went to college to study engineering.
He was accepted into Penn State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering with minors in both Energy Business and Finance, and Environmental Engineering. Energy Engineering at Penn State was a broad degree, he learned about many different energy conversion processes as well as sources of energy like coal, oil, wind, hydro, nuclear and of course, solar. Kyle quickly became interested in renewable energy. “I took a liking to the fact that there is a viable, abundant, free source of energy that we can effectively harness from the nuclear fusion reactor in the sky that we call our sun.” – Kyle
Kyle has been a solar designer for 5+ years and in only 3 years with EVS he has designed over 60MW of Community Solar Gardens in Minnesota, a 6MW commercial rooftop system in California, a 27MW fixed tilt system in Vermont, and 2 utility scale single axis tracking projects in Texas totaling over 290MW. Kyle is responsible for the PV system electrical designs, engineering, technical compliance and quality management. He also manages a small team of junior engineers at EVS.
Kyle is a very active guy in his free time. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and camping. Skiing is his favorite; he has been skiing in 6 different countries and when Kyle was 16, he placed 10th in a national half pipe skiing competition! Why wouldn’t you love to do something if you are good at it, right?

Favorite Foods: Indian and Thai (really anything spicy)
Favorite Books: How to Change Your Mind – Michael Pollan, Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker, PhD, Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) – Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson
Favorite TV Shows/Movies: Last Week Tonight, Planet Earth, One Strange Rock, The Most Unknown, Vice
Favorite Podcasts: The Energy Gang, The Drive, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Tim Ferriss Show, The interchange, Hidden Brain, TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics
People Kyle Wants to Meet: Michael Pollan, Joe Rogan, Dr. Peter Attia, Alex Honnold
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