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EVS worked on this project in three main phases.

The first phase was for the North Star Rail Authority as part of Kimley-Horn’s design team. EVS provided land survey and acquisition services for the North Star Corridor at the following station sites: Big Lake, Elk River, Ramsey, Anoka, Fridley and downtown Minneapolis

Survey Work included:
• Field work on land lines for Right of Way base maps
• Section Work
• Property line staking for viewing

Right of Way work included development of:
• Right of Way base maps
• Parcel Sketches
• Descriptions
• Title investigations
• Exhibits for agreements
• Commissioners Orders

EVS dealt with complex and unique issues at the downtown station. EVS successfully worked with numerous agencies and owners to define ownership issues between the railroads, MnDOT, City of Minneapolis, and the proposed Twins Stadium properties.

The second phase was for Lund Martin Construction. EVS performed construction staking services as well as rail movement monitoring during construction at the Fridley Station.

The third phase was for Morcon Construction and Railworks. EVS performed construction staking and as-built surveys for the Big Lake Maintenance Facility.