Institutional / Military

St. Cloud VAMC

Government Project

We were a member of an Architect/Engineer (A/E) team that designed a new building to house a 20-bed Long Term/Intermediate Psych Unit at the St. Cloud VAMC. The building was designed to match existing structures due to historic requirements.

Site topographic surveys were conducted by us to help determine the best location for the new structure, in close proximity to the current mental health buildings. The structure is connected to a campus corridor system. The A/E team evaluated several sites and for each location we provided a schematic design and an analysis showing cost limitations, square footage limitations and advantages/disadvantages. Avoidance of substantial underground utility relocation and replacement was also considered in locating the building. The building footprint interrupted underground sanitary sewer, water main and storm sewer pipes which required design of a new route for the utilities in addition to providing service connections to the new psych building.