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US Bank Stadium

Commercial Project

  • Total Budget: $1.024 billion
  • Scopes / Services Provided: Civil Engineering, Construction Administration, Land Surveying and Staking, Precondition Photo and Video Surveys, Vibration Monitoring
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EVS is the Prime Civil Engineering firm for the new Minnesota Multi-Purpose (Vikings) Stadium project. As a sub-consultant to the architect (HKS), we are responsible for road and utility infrastructure, grading, stormwater management, coordination with public agencies, and construction administration.

We worked closely with the landscape architect to design a plaza and pedestrian space to enhance the game-day experience for this world-class facility. It was important that the space be designed to accommodate a variety of events and fit within the community setting.

Also part of the project, we are responsible for the design of the 6th Street reconstruction. The new stadium required the vacation of 5th Street and converting the adjacent 6th Street to two-way operation, both routes are existing MSA streets. We worked with the City of Minneapolis to vacate right of way, modify signals and convert an existing one-way route to a two-way route while maintaining the east bound capacity. The street must be substantially complete to stay ahead of the Stadium construction while maintaining public access and direct freeway access.

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